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21 Quick and Easy Inspirational Interior Ideas for Summer

Inspirational Interior Ideas for Summer

Getting your home fit for summer can be as simple as making a few tweaks to the décor. Take a peek at our compilation of style tips and interior ideas and see how you can transform your interior in moments.

Clean the Windows

The best thing about summer is the natural light; sunshine really does add warmth and depth to everything it touches. So make the most of all the sunlight entering your home by cleaning your windows inside and out. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Use Pictures for Wallpaper

Create an eclectic look by making a feature wall using framed pictures, sketches, paintings and photographs. Choose images that tell a story about you and group them together in a mixture of frames in different sizes.

Wash Painted Walls

Have a look at your interior walls. Are they marked with dust smears and grimy streaks? You’ll probably be pleased to learn there’s no need to completely repaint the walls – just give them a clean. Dust the wall first, wash it with warm soapy water and then rinse to finish.

Say Summer with Flowers

Summer is here and flowers are in bloom. So bring their natural beauty into your home, pop a bunch in a vase.

Review your Accessories

Put all the vases, picture frames and other accessories you have in a room into a box. Now relocate them in new positions, one piece at a time.

And Then Take Away a Few Pieces

Now remove a quarter of your accessories from the room. Just make sure you keep the items in odd-numbered bunches.

Swap Rugs

Buying a new rug is a great way to rejuvenate a room without replacing the carpet. An even better way is to simply swap round any rugs that you already own.

Clean Carpets

Cleaning your carpets will make them look, smell and feel as good as new. Hire a special carpet cleaner for the day to get the best results and do the whole house at once.

Focus on One Room (at First)

If you’re pushed for time then focus your attention on a single room. This way you’ll have at least one totally refreshed décor to enjoy, rather than a couple of half-finished interiors.

Don’t Just Fill Spaces

Space is as important as any furnishings or accessories. Make sure you use it well and don’t cram things into a room just for the sake of it.

Rearrange Furniture

Move your sofa across the room. Swap your armchairs around. Get rid of that side table. Put the telly in the opposite corner. You’ll discover that a rearrange is as good as a change.

Play with Contrasting Materials

Mix and match glass, wood, ceramic, woollen, cotton and plastic accessories to create endless interest.

Transform Old Furnishings

Paint natural wood furnishings to match your colour scheme. Try this with coffee tables, picture frames and chairs. If you’re feeling crafty, recovering cushions will make a massive difference.

House Plants

Buying an indoor plant is a guaranteed way to add a burst of summery life to a décor, whatever the season.

Paint the Front Door

Let your home make an entirely new first impression on visitors by painting its front door. Choose a bold, primary shade and make your property stand out from its neighbours.

Wallpaper a Bookshelf

If your bookshelf is looking a little dated, then spark it back into life by wallpapering its backboard. Use wallpaper that contrasts with your décor to create an edgy finish.

Look at How You Use Your Shelves

Make more of your shelves by mixing and matching the items stored on them. Line up some books and make piles of others; break up long rows with ornaments. Treat your shelves as a frame for the items that define your life.

Paint Trim, Doors and Skirting Boards for a Quick Win

You don’t have to go all out and paint an entire room if all you want to achieve is a quick refresh. Paint your trim, doors and skirting boards a strong colour and get an instant, striking result.

Accessorise with Fruit

It sounds too simple to be true, but the big and bold natural colours of fruit can add true beauty to a room. Use your fruit bowl as an ornament for a surprising – and tasty – treat.

Fit Patterned Door Knobs

A small change can make a big difference. Replace knobs and handles on cupboards with a mixture of colourful designs for a brilliant look.

Choose New Blinds

Browse our collection and have up to eight samples delivered to your home free of charge. Then choose the ideal blind for your décor. Fitting your blind only takes a short while and it can have a huge effect on your home.

Take a look at our blinds range and pick from the contrasting or coordinating colours, striking prints and understated patterns.