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Amy’s first Christmas in her first home

The first Christmas in your new home is so exciting, as Amy’s finding out. She’s shopped around for the best deals to give her living room bags of personality.

“I moved into my home in September and have been trying to give it personality ever since,” says Amy. “When I first moved in it was literally just bare bones. I’ve been building up the living room gradually.

“Ochre and blue and my favourite colours – they’re so relaxing to come home to after a busy day at work, so they formed the basis of my living room.

“I’ve an obsession with bargain hunting! I love getting a good deal. I bought my snuggle seat cheaply without legs and my Dad helped me DIY the legs.


“I added curtains to the windows at first but realised how much light they blocked and offered no privacy. That’s when I came across the Innovation range. I ordered a sample to give me an idea of the quality and was so pleased with it. The Satin White is gorgeous and the texture is fabulous. The tape also gives a shutter-style effect.


“Measuring isn’t really my strong suit. I made a bit of a mistake at first, but after watching the instructional video I realised my error! Fitting was so easy, especially with the help of the guide. It was literally just four metal clips to drill and I had a stylish blind up in under 20 minutes. If I can do it, anyone can!

“Even better, my Mum & Dad treated me to them as a Christmas present – we just didn’t realise that they would come so soon! But once they had arrived I couldn’t wait until Christmas to put them up.”

And now Christmas is looming, Amy’s turned her home into a winter wonderland of her own.


“I absolutely love the winter, and Christmas is my favourite time of year,” says Amy. “I had my tree up by the end of November as I was so excited for my first Christmas in my first home.

“I’m hoping that this Christmas will be a relaxing time filled with family and friends, and that I can wake up on Christmas morning feeling as excited as I was when I got the keys! I’ll be baking gingerbread and Christmas cupcakes for the big day.

“It will be lovely to have my own space to entertain in and now that I have a bit more privacy (thanks to my blinds) I’ll be hosting a New Year’s Eve party.


“I’ve big plans for the New Year too. The whole house is an ongoing project and I plan to order more blinds from Web-Blinds in the future now I know how good they are!”