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Beautiful Bonfire Night Blinds

It’s unlikely that anybody will have missed the fact that it is Guy Fawkes Day. The shops have been filled with sparklers and bonfire toffee for weeks now, and many people will have plans to watch a dazzling display light up the night sky. If you’ve somehow overlooked these reminders, the explosions taking place this evening will serve as a noisy yet fun jolt to the memory.

Here at Web-Blinds, we always “remember remember the 5th November”. The date is hard to forget for us, as some of our fabulous roller blind fabrics have been inspired by this very day. So to mark the occasion, Heather Evans from the online team has picked out a few of her favourites for you.

“Our Under the Stars Roller blind is an appropriate choice today, as that’s where many of us will find ourselves later on. The lively print is a fantastic option for a child’s bedroom all year round as it features a moon and stars pattern on a midnight blue background. What’s more, the fabric has a clever blackout coating, which can help to reduce light and encourage your little one to sleep for longer.Childrens Under The Stars Roller Blind

“Or if you’re looking for a more grown up design, our elegant Fireworks Blue Roller blind fits the bill beautifully. The delicate detailing shows breath-taking blue rockets exploding on a white backdrop. These colours will look simply stunning in your room no matter what the season, and are particularly well suited to coastal design schemes.
Blue Roller Blind

“Of course another key element of Bonfire Night is the fire itself – it’s mesmerising to watch the vibrant flames flicker. Our Flaming Inferno Roller blind captures this fiery effect perfectly. The rich orange tone will create a lovely warm impression wherever it is used in the home.”Orange Roller Blind