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#BrightIdeas: Little known ways to give your home an instant style upgrade

Bright Ideas

Sometimes, you want to freshen up your interior. But you don’t want to spend all day decorating.

At times like this, you need to know how to give your home an instant style upgrade.

You’ll find all sorts of quick fashion fixes and interior ideas in this blog post. Or you might decide that picking a new Roman blind from our range is the simple change you’re looking for.

And don’t forget to check out our #’BrightIdeas guide to decor for a selection of slightly more substantial tips about using colour in the home.

Flowers come in all sorts of colours, but you only need to know about the varieties matching your accent in this instance. Pick a suitably shaded bunch for your decor; you’ll find the vitality of the natural colour pop invigorates your look.

Without light, there is no colour. But too much light will suck all vibrancy from your scheme. So you need to find the middle ground: lamps, wall lights and candles will illuminate your room with a gently warming glow. Three points of light is ideal.

Cleaning your windows will allow everything inside your room to be lit with the most gorgeous light of all – sunlight. The sun’s rays truly bring out the best in colour.

Change the knobs on your cabinets and your whole room will benefit from a fresh and funky vibe.

Clear away clutter because all the detritus from your daily life is detracting from the impact of your impeccably composed décor.

Boost a room’s natural light by hanging a decent-sized mirror opposite a window. The sunshine will reflect off the mirror and help brighten up your room.