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Confused by colour? Enlighten your creativity with our guide to floral shades


Amaranth. Periwinkle. Redwood. Rose. Marigold. Flowers and plants are gorgeous. And the natural colours are totally inspirational.

So inspirational that we couldn’t stop ourselves – we just had to make this fab floral guide.

Flowers / Plants / Colours is our gift. First of all, it’s a reference chart. Use it to match floral hues and shades and you’ll never get them mixed up. Trust us, it’ll come in super handy the next time you’re decorating or accessorising with made-to-measure blinds.

Secondly, Flowers / Plants / Colours is seriously designy. It’s more than a bit cool: the sort of thing that would look good on a wall. Maybe your wall?

Our designers have been real kind. The guys have set up Flowers / Plants / Colours so you can post it to a blog or share it on all the usual social networks.

The team has also knocked together a downloadable A3 version, with the proper bleeding and so on. You can save the file to a USB stick, take it to a printer’s and get a brand new bit of art for your wall. For free (or for the small cost of printing!).

Spread the love for florals and colours. Post the Flowers / Plants / Colours infographic on your blog or share the page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. 

Hit the link below the infographic to download Flowers / Plants / Colours and get yourself a jaw-droppingly stylish feature for your wall.  


Share this image on your site or download as an A3 poster for your wall.