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Conservatory blinds for heat reduction

We all know conservatories can get hot in the summer. But with a little help from blinds, you can really transform your space. Here’s how to use conservatory blinds for heat reduction.

Say hello to Ecopleat

Ecopleat blinds are incredibly clever. If you view them in profile, you’ll notice a clever honeycomb structure that’s a secret weapon against rising temperatures in a conservatory. It keeps things cool in the summer – and of course, that means keeping things cosy in the winter too. Bonus.


We also have a brilliant range of blinds with a reflective coating that reflects the sun’s rays. So all in all, if heat reduction in your conservatory is something you want to tackle, we’ve got you covered.


Perfect Fit

Combine the clever design of Ecopleat blinds with a Perfect Fit frame and the result is pretty amazing. Perfect Fit frames clip into uPVc frames themselves, removing the need to drill and becoming an integral part of your windows and doors.

Alternatively, choose an ordinary Pleated blind in a Perfect Fit frame. With a wide range of colours and patterns available, it’s easy to use your conservatory side windows as wallpaper and make a real statement.

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Cosy Romans

If Pleated blinds aren’t your thing, try a cosy Roman blind. All our Roman blinds are fully-lined so help to keep the heat out when the sun’s shining and things snug when it’s chilly. Sharon did just that in her conservatory, and the results are pretty stunning we’re sure you’ll agree…

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