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Dreamy bedroom design ideas for your home

Blue Bedroom Interior Style

The bedroom can sometimes be overlooked in interior design terms. As a private space receiving few visitors, it often becomes a forgotten room.

And you’re hardly going to worry too much about décor when the lights are out and your eyes are shut. But, with a bit of inspiration, the bedroom can be turned into an utterly dreamy – and dream-enhancing – setting.

Choosing a bedroom wall colour

Colour plays a big role in shaping our mood. For example, red is known to heighten the emotions by increasing blood flow around the body, which makes it a bad choice for bedrooms.

Thanks to the fact that it slows the heart rate, blue is the ideal colour for bedroom walls. The soothing shade actually makes it easier to sleep. And it’s totally stylish too. Got a small bedroom? Then go for a light shade, or pick a deep blue for a big space.

If blue isn’t your thing but you still like the sound of its sleep-inducing qualities, pick any cool shade for your walls and your décor will benefit from a sense of tranquillity. Add a feature wall in a different colour to keep the look fresh.

Create a cosy vibe with layered textiles

Everyone knows how easy it is to create a cosy ambience with layered fabrics: mixing and matching patterns, prints colours and textures gives a place a comforting, lived-in look.

You can also use this technique with pictures, ornaments and accessories to add further depth to a décor. The idea here is to introduce pieces made from different materials. This approach is a great way to team any items you’ve picked up on your travels with pieces purchased specifically for the home, as it balances the exotic with the normal.

Find matching blinds with blackout fabrics

Blinds are often considered a finishing touch, but they should be an important part of your interior plan. Especially when our Roller blinds fitted with blackout fabrics are both gorgeous and highly practical.

These designs are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, with the blackout coating helping to prevent the early morning sun from disturbing a sleeper’s rest.

Consider your wall colour and furnishings when choosing a blind. Do you want a coordinating or a contrasting look? You can even order up to eight samples and have them delivered to your home for free, so you can really understand your choice.

Soften the lighting

Getting the lighting right is doubly important in the bedroom. Brilliant white light is the last thing you want to see in the early morning and last thing at night.

Dimmers should be fitted to the main light and ideally you’ll have a couple of gentle lamps dotted around the room, which can be turned on to instantly create a subtle ambience.

It takes more than a bed to furnish a bedroom

After you’ve settled on the essentials – a bed, a cupboard and a wardrobe – there might not be too much space left to play with. But a chest is a great addition to a bedroom, as the top and inside of it can be used to store all sorts. A vintage chair looks fab too, as does a vase or two full of flowers.