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Emily’s contemporary cooking space

Emily’s kitchen was in dire need of an update. With old cupboards falling apart and barely any  storage space, it was time to make a change. And the result is a contemporary kitchen to be proud of.


With just one meagre electrical socket to go around the whole kitchen when they moved in, an extension lead over the cooker had melted to the grill. It was beginning to look like a hazard perception test! So Emily couldn’t wait to start the renovation.

Emily offers some great advice. “Living in the space for a while allowed us to learn what we wanted and needed to improve things. Having to put up with what we had before really has made us appreciate the space we have now,” says Emily.

And the after pictures are certainly something to behold. Gone are the outdated units, instead giving way to glossy modern ones which make the whole space feel contemporary and spacious. And what about the window?


“We’d purchased Fauxwood blinds the year before from Web-Blinds for our bathroom and were really pleased with them,” says Emily. “So we came straight back to the experts for the kitchen.”

Emily is delighted with the overall look. It’s a place she loves to cook in, and most of it, with a sleek new hob and an abundance of sockets, there’s no melted electrical wires lolling about. And with such a stylish blind at the window, it’s easy to control her light and privacy levels with the swish of a hand.