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Ever-versatile Wooden blinds: how to use them in every kind of space

We love Wooden blinds and we think they can work in every style space. So whether your room is soft and cosy or has a boutique hotel feel, take a look at our guide to Wooden blinds.



Introducing wood into your home to create a cosy feel is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Alison layered dress curtains over the top of her blinds, creating a versatile effect that adds to the homeliness of her living room. She also chose an option with tape to keep things sleek and modern.

Dark and moody

Sometimes, people are worried that dark walls will make a room feel dull. Adding a white Wooden blind at the window is a sure fire way to throw the light around and keep things looking clean and fresh. Amanda’s bathroom benefits from charcoal tiles, but a white suite and white Wooden blind keeps it feeling excitingly eclectic not gloomily gothic.


Top tip! Dark rooms are never going to feel light. So go on, be daring. Run with it and go dark and moody instead!


Of course, dark walls aren’t for everyone. So make like Sue and do things the opposite way round. Unlike Amanda, she chose smatterings of black to punctuate her crisp white walls and finished the whole lot off with a stunning Wooden blind from us. Boast over.

Hotel chic

Nikki’s stylish space feels just like a hotel and you can achieve a room that looks just as put together with our high gloss Wooden blinds too. Choose a neutral colour or wood stain for the blinds – we can’t fault Nikki’s on-trend grey – and add an accent colour for a pop of interest.


Clean with ease

Alright, so you’re bought in to the idea of Wooden blinds. But do you think slats = hours slaving with a duster? Think again. We’d like to introduce you to this little fella. Our blind cleaner is just £6.60 and comes with a removable microfibre sleeve you can just bung in the washing machine when you’re done. Now that’s nifty.

Blind cleaner