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Five quick cures for common sleep problems

Most of us have tossed and turned our way through a few bad nights’ sleep.

We’ve sighed and groaned and then blamed all sorts for our sleep issues. You might pick stress or the bed or the temperature or the …

Next time you’re unable to nod off, remember that for every cause there’s a cure. You’ll find five super sleep solutions to common problems right here.

Your bedroom is too light

Grey blackout blinds

Does daylight break through your blinds or curtains and wake you up?

It’s down to nature. Light is stimulating nerves in your eyes, which kick starts your body’s daytime functions.

So it makes sense to stop the dawn sun pouring into your bedroom. You can do this with blackout blinds from our range.

You’re too hot

Scientists say lying down triggers a reaction that causes our bodies to cool down. And they’ve proved we sleep best in an environment that’s between 15°C and 20°C (60°F and 68°F).

Lowering your temperature before bed will help you sleep. Drop the thermostat a couple of degrees or open the windows an hour or so ahead of turning in for the night.

Or try this: take a hot bath in the evening. Your core temperature will rise while you’re in the tub and then fall when you get out, making your body thinks it’s time for bed.

You’re too stressed

Stress can interfere with your body clock by creating a state of hyper-arousal that makes it difficult to sleep.

The obvious solution is to deal with the cause of stress. But this can be tougher than it sounds. If you’re stressed and trying to sleep, a short-term solution is to block out racing thoughts by concentrating on your breathing.

Your bedroom is noisy

Noise, like light, can make your senses click into gear. And that’s not what you want when you’re settling down to sleep.

Ear plugs can help. Another idea is to use a sound conditioner; this produces white noise that gently drowns out other sounds.

Your partner

Sharing a bed can be a nightmare. We all have different sleeping habits and these can be the opposite of our nearest and dearest’s.

To make sharing easier, go for a king-size bed: you’ll appreciate the extra space. Use lighter sheets: this will keep your combined temperature cooler. Does one of you snore? Nasal strips and sprays can help.