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Five to-dos for you to do before the end of February

Whoa. The end of February is fast approaching. So now’s the time to start looking at what jobs can be ticked off the to-do list before the 28th slips past.

Of course, we’re not talking of doing up an entire room or moving house. We’re on about tackling a few little things that make a whole lot of difference. Here you go …

Save the house plants

Floral February To do

In-keeping with our floral blinds theme for February, here’s how to bring wilting house plants back to life.

Wilting tends to mean a plant isn’t being watered properly. Unfortunately, it can be a sign of getting too much and too little water.

Sodden soil? You need to make sure your plant isn’t sitting in water. If it is, then take the pot out of its tray and let it drain. On the other hand, most house plants will need feeding when the soil is just dry to the touch.

Fix a creaking floorboard

Fixing a squeaky floorboard is soooo easy. In fact, you’ll probably kick yourself for not getting on it earlier.

Simply pull back the carpet and expose the creaky culprit. Now dust the area with talcum powder, making sure you get plenty in the gaps between boards. This should be enough to stop floorboards rubbing together and making one of the most irritating sounds in the home.

Get some new (and free) wall art

Colour thesauraus

Again, this is very much in line with our current love for florals. You can download a free artsy poster from our blog. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

Just hit download and get the file to a printer’s. You’ll have a brand new and totally cool feature for your wall before the end of the month!

Accordion file: instrument of change

Scattered across surfaces and stuffed into drawers, a household’s important documents often seem to live by a very particular kind of order.

Bring your insurance docs, bills, licenses, contracts, passports, certificates etc into the type of order recognised by logic with an accordion file. You can even alphabetise your collection.

Turn your mattress

Mattresses are expensive. So it’s good to make them last as long as possible. To do this, you really should be turning yours on a regular basis.

You want to flip it over one time and then go head to toe the next. This way, you’ll avoid the wear that causes dips and does for a mattress before its time.