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Five ways to give your home a French feel

Right now, all eyes are on the continent as the Tour de France riders battle it out in the ultimate test of strength and endurance. This year, the tournament kicked off in Yorkshire before returning to home turf. But as ever, the competition has awakened a fever for all things French.

If you’d like to give your surroundings a gorgeous Gallic feel, Kirsty Martin from the Web-Blinds team has five fantastic ideas for your next decorating project.

1. Pick pretty farmhouse shutters

Pretty shutters are a classic feature of many French farmhouse cottages, but they also suit a variety of different properties. If you live in a built up area and your windows are overlooked, Tier-on-Tier styles are a great choice to maintain your privacy.

New Hampshire shutters

2. Adopt a ‘shabby chic’ theme

Our continental cousins have truly mastered the art of shabby chic, but the look is surprisingly easy to achieve.  Distressed textures put the chic into shabby and our Country Chic Wooden blinds are a great example of this. Each slat is perfectly imperfect with a unique grain and individual characteristics.

Country Chic Wooden blind

3. Use a blue and cream palette

Blues and creams complement each other beautifully and the chic colour combination is a hit no matter whether you live in Brittany or Bognor Regis. Here, we teamed a cream Deluxe Wooden blind with duck egg blue walls.

Deluxe white Wooden blind

4. Choose delicate toile prints

Delicate toile prints have a whimsical and romantic appeal, which is very Parisian. In our bedroom, we wanted to create an intimate boudoir atmosphere, so picked out the French Treasures fabric, from the ravishing Roman blinds collection.

French Treasures Roman blind

5. Pay attention to the small details

The cliché goes that no self-respecting Frenchman would be seen without a beret. Naturally this isn’t true, but there is something to be said for accessorising your outfit… Or adding the right finishing touches to your room. In this case, a wonderful waved hem completes our simple Blue Cross blind from the blue Roller collection.

Blue Cross Roller blinds