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Focus on Perfect Fit blinds

Perfect Fit blinds ensure a snug, well… perfect fit – it is in the name after all. Here’s everything you need to know (along with some gorgeous real-customer pics).

The lowdown

Perfect Fit blinds are pretty cool. The blinds come in neat frames that clip into uPVC frames (so you don’t need to dig the drill out the shed). That means a few things. They’re held in place and won’t sway in the breeze, so you can open your doors and windows even when you blinds are down – and they’re inherently child safe. Not to mention they’re seriously sleek.


Which style?

Our range of Perfect Fit blinds has nearly 250 different styles available, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose from Venetian and Pleated styles. If you’re struggling to pick have a think about your windows or doors. If it’s all-day privacy you’re after, Venetian blinds are easy to tilt, while Pleated blinds create a really gorgeous effect when the light shines through. You can also choose blackout and thermal options in our Pleated range.


Perfect for kids

Because there aren’t any cords, nurseries and kids’ rooms are the perfect settings for this nifty piece of kit. And whether pink, blue or yellow are their fav colours, we’ve got something to match. Psst.. we’ve also got blackout fabrics to help encourage snoozing little ones.

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Perfect for conservatories

Conservatories can be a jumble of windows. And that’s where Perfect Fit comes in. They’re just the thing for conservatory side windows – there’s no danger of drilling into your precious sealed units. Sunny spaces can also benefit from our EcoPleat range – the honeycomb structure helps to keep things nicely temperate all year round.

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A fab choice… even for DIY novices

We get that DIY isn’t everyone’s strong point. But when you buy Perfect Fit blinds from us, we’ll talk you through the whole thing. The best bit? No drilling = no mess. You measure slightly differently for Perfect Fit blinds, so make sure you take a look at our dedicated guide here – but trust us, it’s still super easy!

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