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Focus on Roller blinds

Rollers are the super versatile member of the blind family. They’re just as at home in a bay window as they are in a kitchen or bathroom. Here’s everything you need to know about the practical yet stylish blind type.

What is a Roller blind?

A Roller blind does what it says on the tin – it’s a cylinder of fabric that rolls up at the top of the window and is operated either by a sidewinder chain or a sprung-loaded cordless mechanism. All in all, it’s a neat blind that comes in a variety of colours, patterns and clever fabric finishes. More about those later.

Choose your style

Roller blinds up to 180cm wide come with a choice of operating systems. Either a sidewinder chain or a sprung-loaded cordless option. Wider windows over 180cm are available with a sidewinder only.

While all our options with sidewinder chains and cords come with a child safety device, the cordless option is inherently child safe.

Blackout fabrics

Blackout Roller fabrics have a special coating on the reverse of the fabric that helps to block the light.

They’re super effective at stopping the light from coming in, but be aware that no blind can ever block 100% of the light. You’ll get something at the edge called light flare – a thin strip of light caused by the fact a Roller blind must be smaller than the window by a few mm to operate correctly. If that tiny slither of light is causing you problems, you might like to layer with a blackout Roman fabric too.

Flock Plum

Kids’ fabrics

Our range of blackout fabrics includes sophisticated designs for mum and dad a fun selection of children’s fabrics too. They stop your little ones waking up with the birds.

Spring Grey

Clever fabrics

We’ve a whole host of other fabulous features to choose from…

  • Sheer fabrics are a smart choice for daytime privacy.
  • Choose our moisture resistant for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Fire retardant choices have you covered for kitchens, rooms with open fires and even commercial spaces.
  • As well as clever features, you’ll find stylish faux silks which are a much cheaper, more hardwearing alternative to the real thing. Like the fabric below, called Silky Chocolate

Silken Chocolate

Problem solvers

  • Roller blinds are really great in lots of different settings.Bi-fold doors – Roller blinds fold up really neatly, so you can let the light stream in and go in and out as you please.
  • Bay windows – Fit Roller blinds to the recesses of a bay window for a super sleek, neat look.
  • Wide windows – Rollers love wide windows. Lots of our fabrics are available up to 3m wide.
  • Alcoves – If you’ve a cupboard or alcove you’d like to section off, try a cost-effective blind. They are a great way to hide clutter and can be easily matched to changing design schemes.

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