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Great Buildings: A Brick-by-Brick Tour through History

Have you ever been bitten by the DIY bug and wondered just how far you can push your skills? You’re not alone.

Throughout history, men and women have sought to stretch their imaginations and practical abilities to the limit – these are the architects and engineers who achieve the impossible, who go beyond what has come before and define the spirit of their age.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most awe-inspiring human achievements from the last 5000 years or so and brought them together in our Great Buildings timeline.

From Stonehenge via the Whitehouse and onto the Shard, this chronology of construction showcases many of the iconic structures that we read about in books and travel thousands of miles to see in all their glory. 

So take a trip through time and discover some of the greatest buildings from throughout history – and then let us know if you agree with our selections or tell us what your additions would be and why.

Who knows, reading our Great Buildings timeline might even inspire you to push your next home improvements on to monumental levels!