Home Hacks: Top tips to revamp your furniture

New furniture is great, but once it gets a little old and tired there’s nothing better than giving a much-loved item a fresh lease of life by making a few simple changes.

In this week’s Home Hacks, we will be guiding you through the easiest ways to revamp all manner of furnishings.

You don’t have to be a DIY superhero or a stylist to the stars to refresh your furniture using these Home Hacks – with just a little imagination and a bit of perspiration you can turn those forgotten pieces into fabulous features!

Brand new / old drawersOld drawers

If you’ve just redecorated a bedroom and discovered that your chest of drawers no longer suits the décor, then you’ll love this Home Hack.

There’s no need to replace your furniture – simply seek inspiration from your new surroundings.

To colourfully line the outside of your drawers, just take any wallpaper left over from decorating the room and paste it onto the front panels. For an even more interesting effect, try using different coverings to contrast the patterns.

Shabby but chicPainting furniture

The easiest way to make one of your furnishings look brand new is to apply a fresh coat of paint – but sometimes mint condition isn’t the effect you want.

You can give your wooden furnishings a worn-in vintage effect by rubbing any detailing with a candle before painting. Just remember to lightly wipe the wax off once everything is dry.

Personalise perfectly  Personalise furniture

Ever wanted to make a special piece of furniture feel personal to you?

Then you’ll be pleased to learn how straightforward inscribing your name or a message onto wood can be.

Firstly, use a computer to print out your desired letters in a font of your choice and then trace their outline using a ballpoint pen so that a slight indent is made in the wood, before painting between the lines.

If you liked this week’s Home Hacks, be sure to come back next Thursday for some more top tips.

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