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How colour theory and blackout blinds can help you sleep

Colour can do many things. And yes, helping you sleep is on the list.

It’s down to psychology. Different hues have different effects on our minds: some are calming while others are invigorating.

Combine chilled colours with blackout blinds that help stop sunlight from entering through windows and you’ll reap the rewards at bedtime. Take a look at a few of our sleep-friendly suggestions.

Blue is best

Navy Blue Blackout Roman blind

Blue = serene: most of us associate the shade with the soothing sea and the sky. But there’s more to this than a notional connection.

When you see blue, your body produces calming chemicals. So it makes sense to go for a design like our Tenby Navy Roller blind in the bedroom, as this is where chilling out is a hot priority.

Mellow yellow

Yellow Blackout Roman blinds

Yellow is big and bright – it’s also surprisingly soothing. A study found people sleeping in yellow bedrooms clocked up an average of 7 hours 40 minutes shut-eye.

Go for our Tweedy Straw Roman blind fitted with a blackout lining. It’s sunny and sleepy at the same time!*

Go green and sleep better

Green blackout Velux blinds

Green is the natural colour. And what could be more relaxing than the lush landscapes of the countryside?

Take a leaf from nature: go for our Luna Green Skylight blind in a blackout fabric.

Silver is stylishly sleep-friendly

Silver blackout blinds

On the one hand, silver is about wealth and prestige. On the other, the colour is connected to the moon and stars; it’s this hand that makes the shade a great choice for the bedroom.

Check out our Ecopleat Graphite Pleated blind. As well as being blackout and a sleepy shade, this style benefits from a special fabric that can help insulate your home, keeping you cosy at bedtime.

*All of our Roman blinds can be fitted with a blackout fabric.