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How five simple steps can give your home real September style

Red Roman Blind

September is around the corner. And the start of this particular month gives us a chance to make some small, but significant changes to our décor.

While the transition from this month to the next is no reason to go full-on autumnal, there are a few things that can be done right now to capture the changing mood. Take a look at these five simple steps – and you could give your home a touch of real September style this weekend.

Say it with flowers

The quickest, easiest September switch you can make is choosing a bouquet of flowers that’s in season now. Varieties such as alstromeria, gerbera, zinnia and snap dragon are in full bloom and look wonderful, coming in a palette that naturally matches the month.

PS. September is also the ideal time to plant bulbs in your garden ready for flowering next spring.

Freshen up the fragrance

For the last few months, you’ve probably been enjoying lots of fresh air flowing through your home. But it’s getting to the time of year when windows are more likely to be closed than open. So let’s consider the use of fragrances.

A well-chosen aroma will help keep a sense of freshness in your home. Try candles flavoured with rose, jasmine, tuberose, or heliotrope for a warming scent. For a fruity burst, choose a fragrance with notes of orange and plum too.

Red is the colour

Red is rich, luxurious and will add a touch of warmth to your décor. And this is a real recipe for September style success. An easy way to introduce a hint of this colour to your interior is with one of our beautiful red Roman blinds, such as our Stately Red number (see pictured).

Add texture

If you’re thinking about accessorising then you should be considering ways to add texture. Combining different fabrics and materials in a décor builds a sense of depth. At this time of year, you should be going for cushions, rugs and throws. You’ll really appreciate these soft furnishings as summer turns into …

Look at your lighting

Pretty much all summer, your home has been bathed in the naural glow of the sun. Keeping your main ceiling light switched off and using three smaller light sources is the best way to simulate this gentle effect. And try to use bulbs with a low Kelvin rating (the measurement for light), because their shine has a yellow hue.