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How Mary layered Roman blinds and curtains in her bedroom

Mary already had curtains in her master bedroom. But they just weren’t cutting it when it came to light control. A quick search brought Web-Blinds to her attention. And she couldn’t believe the choice.

“I like the curtains in my bedroom, but they don’t cut out all the light,” says Mary. “And in the warmer months, that means waking up at the crack of dawn! I also work shifts, so it was stopping me sleeping in the day when I needed to recuperate.

“I decided I’d like something neutral but with added interest. I thought a Roman blind would be a good choice as I could choose the blackout lining I so desperately needed.

“I’m not keen on overly fussy flowers – I wanted something a bit more contemporary. I ordered a few samples and fell in love with one called Postcard Natural.”

Mary was drawn to this fabric because of the vintage-style print, but also because the neutral shade would allow her to change her décor scheme without having to buy a new blind. She’s known for constantly mixing up her home!

Bedroom Roman blind

“It’s a big window, so I enlisted the help of another friend to help steady the blind at one end while I was fitting it. But the whole process is really easy. It really was no problem fitting it myself, and DIY definitely isn’t my strong point!

Bedroom Roman blind

“I’m really impressed with the quality too. I’d definitely buy made-to-measure blinds from Web-Blinds again – the price was just right and the blind fits perfectly.”

The cushions on Mary’s bed finish off the look nicely – a touch of sparkle and neutral colour palette keeps her options open for a change of bedding or a whole different décor scheme entirely.

Photo of bedroom