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How Pamela transformed a leaky conservatory into a contemporary living room

Pamela took a barely-used conservatory and turned it into the hub of the family home. Take a look at the fab transformation here.


Pamela and family moved into their three-bedroom bungalow eight years ago, and the conservatory had a small niggling leak. There was barely a drip even in heavy rain, but as time went on, that trickle became a river every time the heavens opened. With the family struggling for bedroom space anyway, something had to be done…

“I decided that if we made the conservatory a usable living room, we could make the old living room into a lovely big bedroom for ourselves, giving our 17-year-old daughter our old bedroom and en-suite,” says Pamela.

“Her old bedroom was tiny and she was desperate for a double bed. Then we thought we could use her small bedroom as a family TV room – the snug as it’s affectionately known.

IMG_5635 (2)

“So we invested in a new lightweight roof for the conservatory which meant no more leaks and a more temperate room all year round. The roof was fitted and the next most important step was blinds as the whole conservatory is glass.


“We wanted to go with an airy modern look so that’s why we went for the grey and yellow. We chose Vertical blinds for the windows and doors as they are so versatile.

“The dark grey at the windows is fantastic. They not only look great but they keep the sun glare and heat out and also insulate in the colder weather. We use this room everyday as it’s so comfortable and big enough to entertain in.

“Measuring for blinds was so simple. We followed the instructions on the site and the blinds were perfect. The after service was also excellent! Our daughter is delighted with her bigger room, and when the snug is finished, we shall be coming back to Web-Blinds for even more blinds.”