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How to – choose beautiful blinds for a nursery

If you’re a parent, you’ll know just how difficult it can be to get a little one to sleep, especially at this time of year when it doesn’t get dark until really late. One thing that can really help is a blackout blind, and we’ve plenty of gorgeous options. Get a load of our top tips, or scroll down to the bottom for the skinny at a glance.

Light colours don’t have to mean light mornings

You want your nursery to have a lovely light and airy feel.  So don’t compromise when it comes to the window. We have a fantastic selection of Roller blinds available with clever blackout coatings in lighter shades, as well as the pick of our whole Roman blinds range.

Our Birds Chintz Roller blind may be wonderfully white, but it also features a clever blackout coating to keep the light out early evening and morning.

Birds Chintz Blackout Roller blind

Make sure of a perfect fit

All blackout blinds have some degree of light flare at the edge of the window, but when choosing a blackout fabric, it’s more important than ever that your measuring is accurate to ensure no excess gaps. We make blinds to the nearest mm to ensure a fantastic fit, so make sure you’re not rounding up or down. If you’d like a helping hand measuring, take a look at our how-to videos – it really is a doddle!

Layer up at the window

Layering a blackout Roller blind with a Roman blind is fantastic way to add extra protection against early morning rays. Try layering a plain option with a pattern for a fun effect. Alternatively, two Roller blinds look lovely too – two plain options are really funky, particularly when you choose striking shades such as red and yellow.

Future-proof their nursery

Kids change their minds all the time. One minute, your daughter loves princesses, the next she screws her nose up at the thought and loves cars instead. So why not choose a blind to make your statement instead? They’re a great, low commitment way to bring a print to a nursery – and much less hassle to change than wallpaper!

Top tips

– Light colours don’t have to mean light getting through – our blackout fabrics are available in neutrals too

– Measure your window carefully to help reduce light at the edge of the window

– Layer two blackout blinds for a sumptuous effect

– Put your little one’s fave characters at the window not on the walls for a low commitment choice