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How to – choose window coverings for a door

When it comes to choosing window coverings for a door, it can be difficult to know what to go for. But whether you’ve a bi-fold, French or windowed door, we’ve got it covered. Take a look at our different options for your home, or scroll down to the bottom to see our top tips at a glance.

Gently filter the light with Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are famously versatile solutions for windows, and doors are no exception. Opt for a Vertical blind that splits in the middle to allow the louvres to take up as little room as possible. That way, you can enjoy fantastic views of your outside space, while tilting your louvres to the closed position when you want a bit of privacy.

If you’ve an unusual feature such as a Juliet balcony, our Gentle Jasmine Vertical blind will create a light and airy feel, while helping to control the light.

Gentle Jasmine Vertical blind on a door

Choose beautiful continental style with Shutters

Shutters are timeless. French doors are classic. Together, they’re a match as perfect as strawberries and cream. The large panes lend themselves really well to the fab sophisticated look, and with neatly folding options available, it’s easy to throw them back and let the light flood in when you want it.

The shutters in our New Hampshire range are made from superior quality hardwood, making them the perfect choice for doors.

New Hampshire Shutters for doors

Get the Perfect Fit – every time

Sometimes doors can be difficult. If you like having your patio doors open, a free-hanging blind could bang in the breeze. Perhaps you don’t want to drill into your uPVC door. With blinds in a Perfect Fit frame, you get all the look, with none of the hassle. Clipping into the window frame with no need for drilling, the blind becomes an integral part of the window. They’re brilliant for kids too – the cordless design makes them completely safe and sound.

Another fantastic reason for having Perfect Fit blinds is if you have different shaped windows and doors in close proximity. It’s a shame to swamp them with one large blind. Picking Perfect Fit blinds gives you the flexibility to pinpoint light and privacy control to one single small window if necessary. And of course, you can open every window independently, whilst still keeping your blinds down for privacy.

Here, our Treasure Chest Perfect Fit Venetians showcase just how versatile Perfect Fit blinds can be.

Perfect Fit blinds for doors

Open the door to beautiful new window dressings – top tips at a glance

– Pick Vertical blinds to gently filter the light in

– Bring continental style to your door with shutters – folding styles are available for larger windows

– Blinds in Perfect Fit frames are fantastic for doors with small windows, or creating a coordinated look across doors and windows in close proximity