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How to clean Wooden and Fauxwood blinds

Fauxwood and Wooden blinds look simply gorgeous at any window, however they do pick up dust. Some people think blinds with slats are difficult to clean. But with a little bit of knowhow it’s really no trouble at all.

Cleaning Wooden blinds

White Wooden Bedroom blinds

As wood is a natural material that can warp if it gets wet, it’s best to use a clean, dry and lint-free cloth to get rid of any dust. We’ve even heard that some of our customers like to wear a clean sock on their hand to allow them to envelope both sides of the slat.

A slightly damp cloth is a useful tool for removing any stains, but make sure it’s only in concentrated areas. Detergents may make the wood warp, so it’s best to avoid these. Finally, be mindful of the edges of each slat – you don’t want to get these areas wet.

Cleaning Fauxwood blinds

If your Fauxwood blinds are especially filthy, then a little water on your cloth won’t do any harm – of course, they’re made to withstand damp and steamy conditions in kitchens and bathrooms! They can be cleaned in exactly the same way as Wooden blinds, or you might like to pick up a…

Handy blind cleaner

You could get your mitts on one of these nifty pieces of kit. Our blind cleaners are oh-so-clever, doing the work in half the time, and are suitable for all types of Wooden and Venetian blinds. Simply slot around your slats and squeeze together and swipe to allow the microfibre cloth prongs to do their thing. Best of all, you can use it again and again. The cloth is easily removable and machine washable, for sparkling blinds every time.

Blind cleaner

As with anything, little and often is best, and will stop unsightly layers of dust building up. A quick swipe here and there will mean it’s less of a big job – don’t wait until it’s time to spring clean!

If you’re struggling to clean any other types of blinds, take a look at our handy guide here.