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How to clean your blinds

Cleaning your blinds might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s just as important as any other element in your cleaning routine. Here’s how to clean them quickly and easily.

Roller and Vertical blinds

A clean, damp cloth is the weapon of choice for cleaning Roller blinds – a lint-free one is important to ensure you don’t rub fluff onto the fabric. Do this frequently to stop dust from building up. Vertical blinds are cleaned in exactly the same way.


Roman blinds

The upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner is your friend for fabric Roman blinds. Gently put the nozzle to the blind and move in a downwards motion – you’ll have the whole thing done in no time. Top tip – the edges of a Roman blind are a dust hot-spot, so make sure you give them extra attention.


If you’d like a deeper clean, lots of our Roman blinds can be dry-cleaned. It’s worth checking with our customer services team to check if yours is. Give them a call on 0845 604 9611 if you’re unsure.

Pleated blinds

Your vacuum cleaner works for Pleated blinds as well, but you need to be extra careful. Too much pressure will ruin the folds of the pleats, so don’t go at it like a bull in a china shop! And if you’ve got Pleated blinds in a Perfect Fit frame, you can clean them in exactly the same way. A damp cloth will get rid of any marks on the plastic frame itself.

Ebb Rose

Handy blind cleaner for blinds with slats

For a quick and simple way to clean blinds with slats (we’re talking Wooden, Fauxwood and Venetian blinds, as well as shutters), pick up one of our handy blind cleaners. You’ll be able to clean multiple slats at once, and the microfibre sleeve is fully removal, so you can throw it in the washing machine and use it time and time again!

If you don’t have one to hand though, a clean cloth is perfect for Wooden blinds, while Fauxwood and Venetians will benefit from a damp one. For stubborn stains on a Wooden blind use a drop of water on the cloth – but be careful, particularly on the untreated ends as wood can warp with moisture.

Blind cleaner

Our handy blind cleaner works for Perfect Fit Venetian blinds too. The narrower slats make the blind cleaner the perfect tool, as the space can be tricky to get into.


So that’s it – now you know how to clean every type of blind. All that’s left is to get started!