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How to – control the light

At this time of year, we’re all enjoying the fact the days are getting longer and and the lighter evenings which come with that. So it seems fitting that we shed some light on making the most of… well, the light. Have a look at our top tips for illuminating your home, or scroll down to the bottom to get the low-down at a glance.

Sheer beauty for your home

With all this lovely light to enjoy, we don’t want our homes to feel stuffy and shut up. But modern living often means overlooked windows and no one wants to feel like they live in a goldfish bowl.  Of course, to really make the most of the light, while still keeping much-needed privacy, a sheer fabric is just the thing. With options available in our Pleated, Roller and Vertical blind ranges, you can keep glare off screens and peeping eyes out.

White Sugar Vertical blind

Let the light in with louvres

Vertical blinds don’t have to be sheer, of course. We’ve plenty of shades to choose from, in both plains and patterns. Simply tilt your louvres to the open position to let the light flood in, or tilt them slightly to illuminate your room whilst still keeping your privacy.

Blue Vertical blinds

Fake the light

We’re not all lucky enough to have panoramic south-facing windows that light up our home. So if you’re suffering from a lack of light, fake it. Picking a bright and vibrant shade for a small window will bring sunshine into your home, even when it’s tucked behind the clouds. And if you pick a Venetian or Vertical blind, you can tilt the slats to let the light in while still maintaining your privacy.

Sunglow Venetian blind

Sleep tight with a blackout fabric

Finally, when it’s time for bed, our eyelids just don’t cut it when it comes to blocking out the sun on lighter mornings. That’s where our blackout blinds come in. They’re available in our Roller and Roman ranges, giving you loads of choice to find one that matches your décor. And to stop light creeping in around the edge of the window, try one of our blinds in Perfect Fit frames which clip directly into uPVC window frames to plug any gaps. They’re available in our ranges of Pleated and Venetian blinds, making them fab for bedrooms.

Cottage Garden Chintz Roman blind

Get your home gleaming at a glance

– Opt for a sheer fabric to filter in the light

– Pick a cheery shade for sunbeams all year round

– Tilt louvres to let in the light while still keeping your privacy

– Choose a blackout lining for lots of well-earned shut eye

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