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How to – dress your window sill

So, you’ve picked your perfect blind from Web-Blinds. Check. To get your windows looking like they’ve been styled by professionals, don’t ignore your window sill. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve…

Go by the rule of three

Designers and interior design enthusiasts know all about the idea that objects look better when placed in threes or any following odd number. Apparently, three is the minimum number of things needed to form a pattern in our heads. So that’s the science, here’s the practical bit.

Group objects by a common theme – perhaps they’re the same colour, or they’re all related to travel. Vary the size a little bit and voila. You’ve dressed your window sill.

White Roller blind

Go for a contrast

You can have too much of a good thing. Let us explain. Our Seaside Stripe fabric makes enough of a statement on its own, so we chose an understated plant and candle for decoration.

Make sure any accessories you choose don’t overwhelm your blind and don’t be afraid to contrast brights with darker or more neutral shades.

Yellow Roller blind

Go for fun

Kids bedrooms are a great place to have fun with design.  Don’t worry too much about ornaments – use what you’ve got! Kids’ toys are often so striking, it’s a shame to put all of them away. Pick the prettiest and display them on the window sill instead.

Of course, make sure any toys are age appropriate and out of reach of any younger siblings to avoid any accidents.

Childrens monster Roller blind

Go sentimental

Pictures are a great way to populate your window sills too. One of our customers, Nikki, teamed a blooming display with a picture of her beloved pooch. It’s a particularly great choice if you’ve chosen a neutral backdrop, like this white Wooden blind.

White Wooden blind

Go for a cosy nook

Of course, window sills aren’t just for ornaments. This cosy little reading corner is somewhere we could get snuggled up in in a heartbeat. If you’ve got a deep, low window sill, why not do the same?

Yellow Roller blind

Go clutter-free

There are loads of reasons why you might like to leave your window sill clear. If you don’t have a deep sill, you’ll find yourself knocking things over every time you open and close your blinds and that will get boring quickly! Or maybe you’re just a minimalist. Either way, don’t underestimate the power of blank space.

Purple Vertical blinds