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How to – get your guest bedroom ready for Christmas in 5 easy steps

Are you hosting this Christmas? Here are five easy steps to help you get your guest bedroom ready for the big day.

1. Stop seeing it as an after thought

Most of us don’t spend loads of time in our guest bedrooms. So they can become forgotten spaces. Start to think about yours differently by treating it in exactly the same way as your master bedroom. So show it some love and sprinkle some Christmas cheer!

Bala Jaffa

Of course, not all of us even have one. So if your guests will be kipping on the sofa, it’s time to make that practical and pretty too.

2. Get some inspiration

The number one way to make your guest bedroom feel loved is to give it design direction. (Mismatched hand-me-downs, threadbare bedding and shoddy blinds don’t count!) Struggling for inspiration? Take a look at our cool customers’ efforts on the rest of our inspiration section.


3. Sort out the storage

Particularly if you’ve guests staying for the whole festive break, it’s a nice touch to give them some storage of their own (living out of suitcases = not very festive). Empty the wardrobe and drawers, and make sure there’s a bit of room on a bedside table.

If you’re putting them up in the lounge, make sure there’s still space for their stuff – so they won’t feel like they’re in the way.

Kaleido Stone

4. Blackout for the big day

Short of plying them with the sherry, you’ll want to make sure your lovely guests get a good night’s sleep. Before the big day arrives, grab yourself a blind with a blackout fabric from Web-Blinds and you’ll be well away. Go for a bold pattern for a contemporary feel, or keep things luxe and simple to go boutique hotel.

Flock Plum

5. Be the host(ess) with the most(ess)

What’s the difference between a good host and a great one? The little touches. Great hosts will think of the things others forget. Freshly folded towels, a phone charger in case it passes your guest’s mind, the Wi-Fi code to hand (we live in a connected world after all), miniature toiletries and fresh flowers are all ways to nail this hosting lark.