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How to – go tropical in your home

This month, there’s a motion in the ocean, a rumble in the jungle – it’s time to inject a little tropical fever to our homes.

Refresh with the sharpest shade

Even for those of us who aren’t green-fingered, green is a great choice for the home. It’s also a perfect way to dip your toe into the tropical trend. Take this bedroom for example: zesty green chairs, a splash of green cushions and a lovely lime Venetian blind to finish things off. Perfect.


Tropical flora

Our Khaki Trousers Roller blind is the perfect partner to a tropical scheme. Of course, not all of us want completely themed rooms. So try this striking print with a flourish of tropical flowers set against white walls for a more toned-down look. Or to ramp things up, paint your walls in a saturated hue.

Khaki Trousers

A fiesta of colour

Tropical paradises are bursting with colour, from flowers to animals, so bright shades work well for the trend too. Take the trend as far as you dare – we’ve kept things reasonably sedate in this bedroom with a bold Roller blind, bright blanket, and hinted at the tropical trend with more neutral wall art. Now where’s my piña colada?

Barcelona Orange

Forget dark and stormy… dark and tropical

If vibrant colours and prints aren’t floating your boat, try dark wood instead. It’s a sure way to make your home scream tropical retreat – and let’s face it, we’re always relaxed on holiday, so giving our own homes a vacation feel can only be a good thing.

To stop things from feeling dingy, keep your walls white or neutral. Then add inviting foliage, and chocolately shutters from our stylish range.

New-Hampshire- 3