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How to – inject some fun into your child’s room

Now is the perfect time to do up your child’s bedroom (what with the summer hols being in full swing). So we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose. Decorating your child’s room is all about finding practical solutions, which messy fingers can’t mark, and pretty designs that keep the little one’s happy.

Take a look at our guide to injecting some fun into a child’s bedroom, or scroll down to the bottom to get the lowdown at a glance.

Pick a theme

There are some amazing ideas for themes on the internet, from submarines to Narnia, but you don’t have to be quite so elaborate. After all, kids love using their imagination.

We’ve kept things simple here with our Camouflage Blue Roman blind and toy soldiers at the window. If you’re feeling crafty, you could continue the theme by painting a toy box in a similar style.

Go colourful

Kids love colour – and lots of it!  Try an accent wall, and show off colourful toys and pictures on shelves or bookcases. And remember, don’t just stick to one shade – kids love to dabble in a whole rainbow.

And while we might think of soft fabrics as the perfect choice for children’s rooms, Venetian blinds can work really well if the space is overlooked. We’ve a pretty array of shades, including this Rosey Pink Venetian blind, to add a touch of something vibrant.

Make the most of the space

Kids love exploring small spaces, so make the most of every nook and cranny. Here, we’ve added a selection of soft cushions to the window area to make a window seat, and finished it off with our Blue Lagoon fabric from our blue Roman blinds range. And as the name suggests, it would make a lovely addition to a coastal theme room too.

Blue Roman blind

Choose their favourite character

When you’re little, you find it hard to imagine ever growing out of Spiderman or Barbie. Of course chances are you will, so when it comes to your little ones, it’s a great idea to future-proof their rooms.

Instead of painting giant murals, why not try a blind with their fav character on instead? Our Spiderman Aqua Roman blind is much easier to change when your child finds a new fad.

Spiderman Aqua Roman blind


Top tips at a glance

  • Pick a theme with your little one and base the room around it
  • Go wild with colour for a fun look
  • Make the most of spaces such as window seats and under-stair storage – they make fantastic nooks for children
  • Choose a Roman blind as a low-commitment way to bring your kid’s fav character to their room