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How to – keep out the chill with blinds and shutters.

As the year marches on, temperatures are set to drop. Make sure the cosy levels in your home don’t do the same with our top tips to help keep out the chill.

For draughty sash windows

If you find there’s a gale blowing in through your windows while you’re relaxing, we’ve just the thing. Our Ecopleat Pleated blinds have a really clever honeycomb structure to help with heat retention. This makes them perfect for those notoriously draughty windows like single-glazed sash windows. You could even layer up a couple of blinds at the window, for an attractive yet practical effect.

Yellow Pleated blinds

Remember, if you’re really struggling with draughty windows, it might be worth tackling the issue at the source by caulking your windows or fixing new seals.

For patio doors

Glass doors are oh-so-gorgeous, especially when they provide sweeping views of your garden, and allow loads of fresh air into your home during the summer. But when it comes to winter, they can make things feel a little bleak. Shutters are the perfect solution – they’ll literally help to ‘shut out’ the cold, and they’re so stylish too.

Choose full-height ones for French doors and you’ll feel like you’re on the continent in no time (minus the glorious weather).

Dark Brown Shutters

For bedrooms

Shutters are also perfect for bedrooms. Instead of full-height, opt for tier-on-tier. This is where the top and bottom louvres operate separately from each other. And at night you can close both halves for a great night’s sleep. And of course, just like at a door, shutters in a bedroom will help to keep you toasty no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

Brown Shutters

For living spaces

If you’d like something a little softer than shutters, then Roman blinds are made for you (really, they’re made-to-measure!) The luscious folds create a snuggly effect – choose a deep shade to take that lovely warm feel one step further.

Red Roman blind