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How to – make the most of the light

Light. It’s always at a premium, and as the night’s start drawing in, lots of us will be making the most of it while it lasts. If that sounds like you, take a look at our guide to flooding your home with the lovely bright stuff.

White and bright

First of all, for a master class in bright bathrooms, we look to customer Becky. Her pre-renovated bathroom felt dark and dingy, but with a few simple tweaks it’s now light and uplifting. Softly coloured tiles do the trick, and white Wooden blinds at the window work hard to bounce the light around while still protecting the family’s modesty. Now that’s somewhere we’d like to relax.


Keep it crisp

Wooden blinds aren’t the only ones that come in crisp white shades. Choose any white blind from our range and your windows will appear bright and you’ll also have control over light and privacy levels. Justine opted for Perfect Fir Venetians, which we have to say, look bang on the money.


Neat and sleek

If you struggle with light in the home – maybe your neighbour’s house casts a shadow on yours, or your windows are very small – then you’ll want a blind that doesn’t add to the problem by taking up too much room. Save Roman blinds for your sunniest spaces, and choose a compact design like Pleated or Roller blinds.

Marley Natural

Straight down the middle

Vertical blinds are also perfect for light control. And if you choose to have the louvres split in the middle when you open your blinds, you’re also maximising the light at the window. That’s because they’ll neatly bunch to either side.