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How to – pick a perfectly practical blind for your home

Want a blind that offers more than just good looks? Take a look at our guide to picking a perfectly practical blind for your home. We’ll show you how to tackle practical spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as choosing an option that will withstand messy fingers. And for our top tips at a glance, scroll down to the bottom.

Fabulous Fauxwood

Wood is a wonderful material, but it can warp in damp, moist environments. So for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms, Fauxwood is a fantastic alternative. It’ll withstand the hot and steamy conditions associated with these high-use rooms, and will easily wipe clean too.

Wonderful wipe-clean options

If wood’s not your style, we’ve lots of lovely wipe-clean options in our Vertical and Roller blinds too. They’re particularly great if you’ve got a sink behind a window, as they’re great for little splashes.  And as they’re available in a whole multitude of pretty shades, you can colour match them to your décor scheme.

Blinds for… cupboards?

Blinds are just for windows, right? Wrong! If you’ve got a nook you’d like to make neater, then a Roller blind could be a really practical choice – we’ve even had customers use them on cupboards! They’re great for hiding clutter, or for keeping things hidden from little fingers – pick a cordless option to keep the overall look sleek.

Get the perfect fit

Little windows and patio doors can be diffuclt to dress if you aren’t aware of the options available. That’s why we love a clever little system called Perfect Fit comes in. Perfect Fit blinds simply clip into your uPVC window frames, for a no-fuss, no-drill approach! Each blind is made to fit the pane of your window and because it’s combined within a frame, it actually becomes part of it. This means they won’t sway in the breeze when you open your windows or doors.

Multi-tasking heroes

Sometimes, you need a blind to work doubly hard. That’s why lots of our options are dual purpose – we’ve PVC and wipe-clean options that also have a blackout coating. They’re great for kids, who love to put their mucky fingers everywhere! And of course, they’ll help them get a good night’s sleep too.

Top tips for a practical home

– Use Fauxwood in kitchens and bathrooms for a waterproof finish

– Wipe-clean Roller and Vertical blinds offer loads of colour choice

– Blinds aren’t just for windows – try them over nooks or cupboards too!

– Perfect Fit blinds are fab for small windows and patio doors

– Try a blind with two features, like wipe-clean and blackout