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How to solve common window problems from glare to privacy

We’ve plenty of ideas to help you solve common window woes. Whether you’ve just moved in, or are looking to make yours that little bit more homely, take a look at our top tips.

Help! The sun’s in my eyes

If squinting from the sun is threatening to give you wrinkles, it’s time to choose something with slats for your window. Vertical blinds are great for keeping out glare, as they’re oh-so-easy to tilt as the sun moves around the house. They’re also great for patio and bi-fold doors.

Or if you’d prefer a trendy metallic finish, try Venetian blinds instead, available in an array of shades.

White Vertical blind

Help! I can’t sleep

If the sun’s streaming through your windows, it can be hard to get any shut eye. Pick Roller blinds made with a blackout fabric or a Roman blinds with blackout lining to help encourage a peaceful night’s snoozing. We’ve plenty of choice for your own bedroom, as well as loads of designs the little ones will love too.

Help! The world can see my business

Massive windows are so gorgeous, but when it comes to living with them, sometimes we need a little help. And that’s where shutters come in. They allow you to keep the breath-taking style that comes with great expanses of glass, but without the feeling that everyone can see your business. Or for a thrifty alternative, try Wooden blinds with tape instead.

Vermon White Shutters

Help! My windows are so boring

Of course, wonderful windows are about more than just a practical solution – good looks matter too! So if you’d like to spruce up your windows, why not try an inspiring pattern? It’s a great place to start, and adding other coordinating design elements will provide a brilliant finishing touch.

Khaki Trousers Roller blinds