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How to – spruce up that unloved room

Phew. So that’s it – Christmas and New Year over. Now all the glitter has settled, you might have made a New Year’s resolution to spruce up an unloved room. If that sounds familiar, we’re here to offer a little inspiration…


It’s a cliché, but the first step to getting sorted is (unfortunately) a spot of decluttering and tidying. Because after all, once you can see the floor things get a hell of a lot easier!

Fresh Blue Roller blind

Blinds can help – and we don’t just mean as the finishing touch on your window. Here, we’ve shown how they might hide a multitude of sins in an alcove too – perfect for children’s rooms which often don’t look tidy no matter how hard you try. Fit a Roller blind over your shelves or a cupboard and things will begin to look so much neater!

Keep things toasty

It’s easy to shun a draughty room. But if you’d like to claw back some of the unused space back in your home, then it’s time to tackle it. Seal up any leaking holes which might be causing the draught, and if your windows are particularly bad, consider replacing them with new double or triple glazing.

If your draught’s more of a minor problem or money is tight, consider a Roman blind instead. You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference they can make to the snug factor.

Dark blue Roller blind

Put the icing on the cake

A design scheme needs a finishing touch. And nothing says finished like a stylish set of shutters. And the neutral shades and wood stains will go with a multitude of décor schemes, meaning even if your tastes change your shutters don’t have to.

White Shutters

Top tips

Still struggling to breathe life into your room? Start here instead:

– If your room feels out of kilter but you’re not quite sure why, view it in a mirror. It’s easy to see imbalances when things are the opposite way round.

– Give your space clear purpose. If you’re struggling with a room that’s an office, guest bedroom and playroom all at once, either choose one purpose or give different areas clear objectives.

– If you’re uninspired searching for a new décor scheme, pick a favourite object and base your design around that.