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How to – use blackout blinds in rooms other than the bedroom

Okay, so we all know blackout blinds are fantastic to help encourage a good night’s sleep. They’re a lifesaver for parents everywhere, but actually there are loads more uses for blackout blinds than just darkening bedrooms. Here are some more unusual ideas…  Have a leisurely read, or scroll down to the bottom to see our top tips at a glance.

Eat your dinner in peace

Dining rooms and kitchens are places we often spend a lot of time, which makes a setting sun through French doors or a window incredibly irritating. No one wants to be blinded, so try a blackout lining on a Roman blind instead. Our Black Bamboo fabric is perfect for pulling together a monochrome décor scheme.

Black Bamboo Blackout Roman blind

Put your feet up

There is nothing worse than curling up on the sofa only to find the sun is directly in your eyes. It’s not just our Roman and Roller ranges that have blackout options – our Pleated blinds come in blackout coatings too.

Our Ecopleat Latte fabric is neutral so will go with a multitude of schemes, and will even fit in a Perfect Fit frame. Perfect Fit frames clip into your uPVC windows without the need for drilling, and blinds fitted in them cut out light flare around the edge of the window.

Perfect Fit Blackout blind

Give yourself a clear view

Of course, if you’re binge watching your favourite show, then it’s equally frustrating to have the light bounce off the TV or laptop screen. So if you’re struggling with stray sunbeams, then a blackout Roller blind might be the perfect option.

With a variety of plains and patterns available, there’s something to suit every home. Our Garden of Eden Aubergine fabric is fab for making a statement in a homely living room.

Garden of Eden Aubergine Blackout Roller blind

Make working that bit easier

It’s not just when you’re relaxing that glare can be an issue. Studies are fantastic candidates for blackout linings, as they allow you to keep glare off computer screens. Our Sky High blind here features a standard lining, but as with any of our stylish Roman blinds, you can easily opt for blackout instead.

Cream Roman blind

Darkness for movie nights

If you’re a bit of a Hollywood connoisseur, then you might have a movie room – but of course, a living room will do just fine!

A white blackout blind can not only make things dark for the big screen, but it could be the big screen too! Yes, some of our customers have even used our Pimilico White Roller blind as a movie screen. It’s time to get the popcorn out…

White Roller blind

Top tips for blackout blinds

– Eat your dinner in peace with a Roman blind with a blackout lining

– Keep glare off screens in living rooms and studies

– Use a blind as a movie screen – simply pick a white Roller with a blackout coating!