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How to – use festive shades in your home

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time we got thinking about sprucing up our homes for the big day. Red, green and white are all colours associated with Christmas, but they’re fantastic for more than just the 25th. Take a look at our guide to using them in your home.

Pick a pattern

When customer Emma updated her kitchen, she took advantage of the blank canvas her monochrome units offered and picked a striking red pattern for the window. Think about features in your home – here, the blind complements her red stained glass detailing, but your blind might pick up on cushions, walls or even carpet.

Red kitchen Roller blind in the kitchen

Tanya chose a stripe for her kitchen blind. And while it doesn’t scream Christmas in July, we’re sure with a few Christmas accessories on the window sill it will be updated for the holiday season in no time.

Kitchen red Roman blind

Keep it fresh

We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas, but what about a white home? It’s a timeless shade that really never goes out of fashion and allows you the pick of the bunch when it comes to your window dressings. Sue chose shutters for her bathroom, which creates a crisp, clean effect she can enjoy in the festive season and all year round.

Taken: 27th April 2015   Sue at her home in County Durham showing her new blinds installed by Hillarys.    Photo Byline: Dave Charnley Photography   Mobile: 07753 559235

Go bold

Sometimes it pays to go bold. If you’re hankering after a striking green for your home, there’s no point in doing half a job! Choose a vibrant Wooden blind, or snug Roman blinds to get the look and finish with coordinating accessories for a stylish look.

Green Wooden blind

Make it metallic

Gold or silver, Christmas is all about adding a touch of sparkle to your home. Adding a metallic shade is a great way to brighten up those longer days, and when the sun’s shining in the warmer months your scheme will really glisten. Choose Venetian blinds like this one in our bathroom, or use it to add sparkle and privacy control to an overlooked living room.

Brown Venetian blind in the bathroom