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Introducing our new Pleated collection – using Pleated blinds in your home

We’re very excited to unveil our new Pleated collection. With 152 fabrics to choose from, there really is something for every home. And because Pleated blinds are so sleek and stylish, they look fab anywhere from a bathroom to a bedroom. Take a look at our hot picks and top tips.

Statement shades

A Pleated blind will create a gorgeous glow at your window. Take advantage of this lovely effect with a statement shade that will really shine through. Use a striking colour to complement a minimalist scheme, or match with an accent shade for a look straight out of the glossy magazines.

If glare is a problem, have no fear! With a Pleated blind, they’ll be no more squinting, as the clever design will keep glare off screens and out of your eyes. And when you want the sun to stream in, they’ll fold up neatly too.

Ulu Aqua Blue Pleated Blind

EcoPleat Chilli Red Pleated Blind

Pretty patterns

Pick a pretty pattern to let your blind make a statement in its own right. We’ve some funky patterns that will add personality to any room and kids will love. The real beauty of a Pleated blind comes in its versatility though. A Pleated blind behind a sink in a kitchen, or around the side of a conservatory is perfect, as it will pull up neatly for a lovely view of your garden. And of course, it will pull down to keep peeping eyes out.

Lodi Nature Patterned Pleated Blind

Tutti Tropical Pleated Blind

Timeless Neutrals

If all this talk of bright colours has you coming out in a hot sweat, then we’ve the perfect alternative. Our timeless neutrals are firm faves which never go out of fashion. They create a relaxing ambience in a bedroom, or are a soft addition to a kitchen or living area. In fact, there’s nowhere a neutral blind won’t look great!

Bloomer Soft Grey Pleated Blind

Popple Caramel Pleated Blind

Performance Fabrics

Of course, looks aren’t everything. If your room feels chilly in the winter and stuffy in the summer – a room with lots of glass perhaps – then you could really benefit from one of our EcoPleat fabrics. Featuring a clever honeycomb structure, they’ll trap the heat in the winter, and keep it from getting stifling when the weather’s warmer. They’re super practical and totally gorgeous too!

EcoPleat Green Blind