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Katie’s stylish home office makes the dream a reality

Katie and her husband bought their home several years ago and set about renovating it themselves, room by room. At the end of summer 2016, Katie left her job to go freelance. Here’s her story…


Katie took the jump lots of us long to do and went self-employed last summer. As a copywriter and blogger over at There We Go, she wanted to be able to swap her commute for the school run.

“There aren’t any spare rooms left in the house,” says Katie, “so we squeezed a desk into the bay window of our bedroom. It’s a lovely spot, but because I started working as winter set in, I hadn’t realised quite how sunny it could get!

“By the start of summer, I could barely see the screen and sat squinting all day. I had some curtains which were useless in the day as I was sitting in near-darkness. I had bought some blinds from Web-Blinds for my kitchen years ago and was really pleased with them – particularly the price.


“Being newly self-employed, money is tight, so I wanted something that wouldn’t blow the budget. I had a look through all the options on the website – I wanted something quite plain, simple and bright white, as our bedroom walls are dove grey – and I spotted the Deluxe Wooden blinds.


“They came with the option of adding tape, which gives the blinds an almost shutter-like look, and when I added all our measurements in and priced them up they weren’t anywhere near as expensive as I’d expected.

“The blinds were delivered quickly and we fitted them that night. They really finish off my new desk, which my husband made to fit the bay, and I decorated with chalk paint (I have a magpie-like obsession with anything green).

Full window

“I can adjust the blinds to block out the sun as it moves, while still being able to see what’s going on outside my window. I’m going to buy the same blinds for the downstairs bay window next!”

So that’s it – Katie proves that the self-employed dream is within reach. And that blinds might just go a small way to help!