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Martina’s cosy country kitchen

Martina and family moved into their semi-detached 1960s home last year. First thing’s first – the old kitchen had to go. Take a look at the stylish transformation here.


Ripping out the kitchen was an easy decision for Martina. The space just wasn’t working for her and her family.

“The kitchen didn’t really have a style before,” explains Martina. “The doors were very dated and tired looking and it has an enormous breakfast bar which offered very little storage for my cooking items and no space to move about!

“There was no colour on the walls or at the window. It was truly bland!”

So when it came to the refit, Martina knew exactly what she wanted.

“I was after a traditional country kitchen look. I really enjoy cooking and making traditional homely food, so I wanted my kitchen to reflect that. Rather than being filled with modern gadgets, my kitchen contains old-fashioned weighing scales!

image1 (6)

“We went for traditional wood worktops and shaker style cupboard doors to fit the style. Overall, we wanted to create a feeling of ‘outdoors indoors’, throwing the patio doors open when we eat in the kitchen in the summer.

“But at night, the undressed patio doors looked awful, with a huge black abyss to stare out into! It made the room feel quite cold, and even after we had decorated, it just didn’t feel homely.”

image2 (5)

And that’s when Martina came across Web-Blinds. She wanted Roman blinds to complement the traditional country vibes, but wasn’t sure she’d be able to find Roman blinds for such large patio doors. Luckily, Web-Blinds could deliver.

image3 (4)

“We requested samples and they came really quickly. We love the leafy pattern, and even in the winter it has captured the feeling of alfresco dining that we love.

“The measuring guide was very useful: I was anxious about getting that part wrong, but when the blinds arrived they were a perfect fit. The fitting was much easier than I had expected as well. The large blind needed six individual brackets and we anticipated it being really difficult to get them all lined up, but the parts go together so easily it was so straightforward.

I am so pleased with how well the blinds have completed the look in my kitchen, I spent many long hours decorating it and making it look just how I wanted, and they are the perfect finishing touch!”