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Meet the new Web-Blinds gang

You might have noticed a few creatures popping up across the site. They’re the new Web-Blinds gang and we’re ever-so excited for you to meet them. And while five of them have names, one is hanging around in limbo. Read on to see how you can win a fantastic prize worth over £100 if you’re crowned the winner.

At the end of June, we launched a cracking new range of Wooden and Fauxwood blinds. Here are our friends you’ll spot in the photography of our newest collection.

Squeak the mouse

Meet Squeak, the mouse. He’s super helpful and always there to light up a late-night read – when he’s not nibbling on cheese.


Tutti and Frutti the kiwis

They might be far from their native New Zealand, but Tutti and Frutti the kiwis do a grand job of adding a twist of Scandi style to our room sets. Their long beaks mean they can sniff out the coolest styles a mile away.


Tiger the prawn

Assertive Tiger knows how to own a room. His metallic body pops in this white and royal blue room – and he knows it.


Oslo the polar bear

How anyone could work at a desk with such an adorable furry friend, we’ll never know. His faceted body is the perfect partner to stylish geometric desk.


Scamp the monkey

Last but not least is this design classic monkey. The designer is Scandi legend Kay Bojesen and we asked you to name him.  You entered in your droves and after a lot of deliberation, we thought Mike’s name of Scamp was pretty awesome. So here he is, Scamp the monkey. You’ll spot him hanging around and generally being a cheeky monkey.