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Pick energy efficient window dressings and make a saving

Brrr it’s cold outdoors! We’ve already had some snow over the past month, and no doubt we’ll see a little more before long. When the temperature drops outside, creating a warm and welcoming environment indoors is especially important.

But before you reach for the thermostat, you may want to consider some other ways to achieve this aim. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to be energy efficient and save money on your utility bills, you might not know that the right window dressings can help.

Kirsty Martin from the Web-Blinds team explains: “Blinds, curtains and shutters prevent warmth from escaping, resulting in a lovely snug atmosphere. If this sounds tempting – and we’re sure it will – here are a few of the best styles to choose…”

Pleated blinds

“Honeycomb Pleated blinds – like our Ecopleat range – have been proven to reduce the amount of heat lost through single glazing by as much as 51%. This is because clever air pockets in the fabric keep things nice and cosy.”

Ecopleat Aqua Pleated blind

Roman blinds

All of our Roman blinds are fully-lined as standard, for a luxurious finish. The extra layer of material provides added insulation, in the same way that popping a jacket on over your clothes keeps the chill at bay.”

Postcard Natural Roman blind


Finally, the name is a slight giveaway, but our plantation shutters are fab for ‘shutting out’ the cold. What’s more, teaming shutters with double glazing works even better. A recent study found this combination lowered heat loss through your windows by up to 62%.”

Vermont shutters