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Problem solver: How to use blinds to keep sunlight at bay

We love solving your window woes. In our problem solver series, we give advice on those burning questions. This time, Lucy asks how to stop the sunlight from bleaching her curtains.

Dear Web-Blinds,

Help! I’ve a pair of wonderful silk curtains in my bedroom that I love. But I’m worried about the sun from my south-facing window streaming in and bleaching my investment. What type of blind should I use to help lessen the effect of the sun’s rays?




Dear Lucy,

As you have curtains, your blind won’t be your primary source of light control. So you pretty much have free reign! You could be daring, and go for another pattern in a Roman blind to layer up at the window.

Of course, your curtains make a statement in their own right, so alternatively, you might like to try a plain Roller blind. Even a thin fabric will help to lessen the effect of the sun, and will keep the lovely light and airy feel your room has.

We also offer special fabrics, like sun-reflecting Pleated blinds if you feel your room needs even more of a helping hand.

Happy choosing,


Lovely layers

Our customers will know, we just love to help you out. And when we’re sent pictures for a snoop of the finished product, well we can’t help but feel pretty chuffed.

Bedroom 1

Lucy took our advice, and picked herself a pretty little plain Roller blind for her window. The shade almost blends in with the walls, so her layered blind lets her designer silk curtains do the talking. Ooh la la.

As the room gets so hot during the day, Lucy likes to keep the blind pulled down to stop it becoming tropical come bedtime.

Bedroom 2

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