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Soundproof, Solar Panelled and Weather Projecting: Are THESE The Window Blinds Of The Future?

Here at Web-Blinds, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of current trends. And we also like to gaze into our crystal balls to try to foresee how these popular blind designs might pull in future technology in the interior industry.

Luckily, we’ve also got a team that loves a challenge. So when we asked our designers to research emerging technologies and take a punt on how window blinds might look in homes across the UK in years to come they were bursting with ideas. Have a look at our predictions, and let us know which of three designs you’d most like to nab for your home.

Solar-Panelled Blinds

Solar panels are popping up all over the country – in fact, you or your neighbour might even have a few scattered on the roof. So we felt solar-panelled blinds were a natural progression.


In these blinds, the slats are made of miniature solar panels which act to absorb the sun’s rays to generate electricity or heat the home. So not only will they keep the sun out of your eyes, but they’ll help save you money on your energy bills too.



We kept the design close to the traditional Venetian blind design we all know and love, so even when the sun hasn’t got his hat on (pretty typical for the UK!) they still make a stylish addition to any window.

Weather Projection Blinds

These blinds have most definitely been designed with the great British public in mind. Many of us are disheartened by the arrival of British winter time – and sometimes even our disappointing summers too.


Our weather projection blinds would have a flexi-screen built into the inside panel of the blind which can project other weather types into the house. If you fancy a light and cheery morning, the blind could mimic the effects of a sunny day, or they could help set the mood for a cosy day in front of the TV by imitating rain, thunder and lightning!


Perhaps you’d like to be whisked away… They’ll also be able to project visually appealing views, like an ocean, woodland view or meadow, for those in built-up urban areas who’d like to see something other than a brick wall when they look out their window.

Soundproof Blinds

Like our solar-panelled blinds, these ones do exactly what they say on the tin. They would feature soundproof insulation in the form of a fixed Roller blind with sealed edges, to give those living in bustling neighbourhoods or light sleepers the peace and quiet they crave. We reckon parents would find them pretty handy for little ones too!


Combined with existing blackout blinds they’d be the ultimate relaxation experience – the only difficulty would be dragging yourself out of bed in the morning!

rsz_2soundproof (1)