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The best moisture-resistant blinds for kitchens and bathrooms

Moisture-resistant blinds are brilliant for kitchens and bathrooms. Here are the best moisture-resistant blinds – read more about them later.

  • PVC Roller blinds
  • Waterproof shutters
  • Fauxwood blinds
  • Water resistant Vertical blinds

PVC Roller blinds

Customer Claire knew what she was doing when she picked one of our perfectly practical PVC blinds. The waterproof fabric won’t absorb any of the dampness associated with bathrooms. PVC fabrics are equally great for kitchens too, as they won’t be affected by any steaminess, or absorb any cooking smells.

PVC bathroom blind

Waterproof shutters for kitchens and bathrooms

Ooh. Ahh. Our shutters are something special. It’s a shame wood isn’t great in damp conditions. But wait! Our North Coast shutters are water-resistant and just as stylish. Which makes them perfect for shutting out the world in your spa-like bathroom, or for bringing a continental feel to your country kitchen.

White bathroom Shutters

Gorgeous Fauxwood blinds

If your budget is a little tighter, then don’t fret. Fauxwood blinds are just as gorgeous, and our range is available in a fabulous array of wood stains and painted finishes. The best bit? You don’t need to worry about damaging your blinds with a wet mitt because they’re fully water-resistant.

Brown bathroom Venetian blind

Versatile water resistant Vertical blinds

For designs that last and last, feast your eyes on our lovely Vertical blinds range. They’re great if you want something at the window to protect your modesty, but you also like to let the light stream in when you’re more suitably attired. And in a range of striking shades and timeless neutrals, whatever your style, you’re onto a winner.

White Vertical bathroom blinds