The best net curtain alternatives

Alternatives to net curtains

– Sheer Vertical blinds

– Sheer Roller  blinds

– Shutters

– Wooden blinds

Net curtains have well and truly fallen out of fashion. But the privacy problem they used to solve still remains. So which blinds do just as good a job of keeping prying eyes out in the daytime? Take a look at this little lot.

Vertical blinds

Any blind with louvres like Vertical and Venetian blinds will offer a layer of protection at the window, allowing you to tilt them to obscure the view while letting the light in – after all, no one wants to live in a goldfish bowl.  Choosing a light, sheer fabric is a brilliant way to keep all the lovely light that windows offer, without feeling like that nosy neighbour knows your business. But bear in mind that you might want a blackout or standard option to layer over the top for when nighttime falls.


Roller blinds

Similarly, there are lots of sheer fabrics available in our Roller blinds collection. And you don’t just have to opt for neutrals. Choose a bright colour, pretty pattern or both and finish off a front room window perfectly. For a bedroom, consider layering a sheer fabric with a blackout one to help you snooze soundly.

Fabulous Flowers Blue


Shutters offer the best of both worlds. With the louvres open, they’re a stylish alternative to dowdy net curtains. And with the louvres closed, they offer loads more protection making them perfect for bedrooms or places where you need a room darkening effect. We love café style shutters too – they only cover the bottom half of the window and offer privacy for spaces like front rooms without blocking all the light. Or if you’d like the flexibility of being able to close the top shutters when you’d like, choose tier-on-tier. That’s where the top and bottom sections operate independently of each other.


Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds provide a lovely glowy effect at the window – they won’t plunge your room into darkness if you choose a light fabric. And one feature they have that net curtains can’t compete with? They fold up really neatly when you don’t need them down, and don’t just hang there unncessarily. Hello sunshine and unspoiled view.

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