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The best shutters for a bathroom

Shutters are oh-so-stylish. And with our North Coast range made from hardwearing plastic that’s completely waterproof, they’re the perfect choice for your bathroom too! Take a look at our top tips for choosing shutters for the smallest room of the home.

Big windows

Big windows in bathrooms are great for light, but not-so-great for protecting your modesty. And that’s where shutters really come into their own. Tilt them to let the light in while still providing privacy. Choosing narrower louvres will ensure overlooked spaces feel more like a spa than a goldfish bowl, while wider louvres are more suitable for out-of-sight rooms.

North Coast

Little windows

Shutters work brilliantly in little windows too. Choosing a two-panel option will make the most of the light, meaning you can open them easily when you want to let the sun stream in or open the window for ventilation. In fact, the beauty of shutters is that you can actually keep your window open and allow the breeze to come through the louvres.


Tier-on-tier shutters offer the best of both worlds. These kind of shutters have two halves that operate separately from each other. This means you can close the bottom row and leave the top ones open, allowing the light to flood in but without allowing the neighbours to see more than they bargained for. It’s also a great choice if you often have your windows open.