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The complete guide to blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are pretty nifty. They help you get a better night’s sleep or even keep glare off computer and TV screens. So what do you need to know?

What’s your type?

We offer a great range of blinds made with blackout fabrics. Choose from Pleated (in a Perfect Fit frame if you wish, more about that in a min) and Roller blinds. You can also choose to add a blackout lining to any of Roman blinds giving you tonnes of choice.

Flock Plum

So what’s Perfect Fit? They clip into uPVC window frames meaning you don’t need to drill. Perfect Fit frames are great with a blackout fabric as they clip into the glazing helping to reduce light flare at the edge of the window. So lots of parents love ‘em. Soundly sleeping children make for a happy house.

Kaleido Stone

There’s also a selection of blackout VELUX® blinds, and dim out Vertical blinds fabrics. The latter still have a blackout coating on the back, but are called dim out because the nature of this louvred blinds means they’ll still let chinks of light in. (Think darkening but not dark.)

Where are they best for?

Alright, so we already mentioned blackout blinds are great for blocking glare on screens. But what if a blind with a blackout fabric could be the screen. Customer Lucy used a Roller blind with a plain white blackout fabric in place of a projector screen, and the result is pretty envy-inducing.

Edit 1

They work perfectly anywhere where light control is key. If you like to shut off and have a soak in the bath, you might like one at the bathroom window. Struggling with glare when you’re eating your dinner? The dining room sounds like the perfect venue. Our customers have used them in every room of the home, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

What’s the effect?

A blind with a blackout fabric or lining helps to block the light coming in from the window. But it can’t block everything.

Spring Grey

Of course, they’ll be a little gap at the edge of the window which allows you to operate the blind properly (but all the glazing is usually covered), so you may get something called light flare even with Perfect Fit options (a bit like a solar eclipse). That’s when there’s a narrow band of light. It shouldn’t disturb you though, but if you’re looking for an even darker effect…

Why not try layering?

Layering your clothes works for the winter months. But it also works for blackout blinds. Why not try a blackout Roller fabric fitted inside the recess layered with a Roman blind with a blackout lining fitted outside? This means you’re overlapping your blinds, and reducing the amount of light flare. It’s super clever and it really helps with reducing light further.

So now you know everything you need to know about blackout blinds. Now go take a look at our fab range.