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The popularity of shutters

Here at Web-Blinds, we’re very excited about the launch of our new range of stylish shutters. “Shutters look fantastic and are a very trendy product at the moment too.” Kirsty Martin from the Web-Blinds online team explains. “They tick all the boxes for a window dressing and are great for privacy. Another key advantage of shutters is that they will last a long time so you can follow your mum’s advice and ‘buy once and buy well’!”

The benefits of having shutters in your home are clear, but how have they become such a must-have product?  Like so many other things, shutters are believed to have originated in Ancient Greece. Skip a few centuries down the line and shutters were a key feature of stately colonial properties, with full height plantation shutters being used to create a stunning effect.

Cream Full Height Shutter

Shutters have been used in Mediterranean countries for many years, as they are an excellent way of creating a cool and shady environment in your home on hot sunny days. They’re also great at shutting out the cold and keeping a room warm, which is good news for those of us here in the UK! Café style shutters – which are fitted to the bottom half of a window – are ideal for creating a continental look.

Over time, many different styles of shutter have been developed. Tier-on-tier shutters are a fantastic option for bedrooms, as the top and bottom sets of shutters operate independently of each other. This means you can throw the top shutters open to let some light in, while keeping the bottom ones closed to maintain your privacy.

Smoke Tier-on-Tier Shutter

In the UK, both urban London trendsetters and rural residents have been key drivers of the shutters trend.  Shutters have a character about them which means they fit really well in a period property, but are equally popular with people who have contemporary design schemes. Incredibly versatile, there is a style of shutter in the new Web-Blinds range to suit any type of home.

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