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Thermal blinds in summer? Why now is the right time to invest

Blue Pleated blinds

You might think buying thermal blinds in summer is counter intuitive; that their specialist qualities only come into play during the cold winter nights, when you want to trap the heat in your home.

However, you’d be wrong. Yes, our Ecopleat Pleated blinds feature a smart, honeycomb design that traps air and prevents heat loss. But the same insulating technology can also help to keep a room cool in August.

Lower an Ecopleat Pleated blind when the summer sun is shining and the honeycomb structure will help stop a room from becoming uncomfortably warm. For extra cooling gains, make sure you keep blinds lowered at night at any windows facing east and south east to protect against the heat that radiates from the early morning sun.

Of course, choosing thermal Pleated blinds now also means that you’ll be ready to keep cosy and enjoy lower fuel bills when winter does arrive.

Energy saving, thermal efficient and totally stylish

If keeping cool really is your thing, or if you just love a soothing scheme, go for a blue, grey or neutral design. These shades are well known for their calming qualities. Check out our Ecopleat Denim Pleated blind (see the main image), which works with coordinating tones or as a pop of colour.

But red, yellow or gold designs are the best choice for creating a snug vibe in your room. These colours are from the warming side of the spectrum – our Ecopleat Sunshine Pleated blind is a stunning example.