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Top tips for a tip top conservatory


Looking to get your conservatory looking tip top? No problem – take a look at our top tips and you’ll be there in a jiffy.

1. Choose an accent colour

With a whole wall of windows in a conservatory, think of your blinds as your wallpaper or wall paint. Pleated blinds are a great place to introduce an accent colour that will add life to your home – plus the sun will look gorgeous as it filters through. We’ve gone for striking orange here – which blends beautifully with those thriving plants outside.

Dance Orange (2)1

2. Introduce pattern

Don’t shy away from pattern either. This room layers jazzy rugs with striking cushions for a cool, contemporary effect that’s inspired by cultures across the globe.

Get Fruity

3. Section your conservatory

If you’ve a particularly large conservatory, it’s important to break it down into sections. In this conservatory, there’s room for both a dining table and a seating area. The reason it works so well is because clever furniture positioning keeps things separate – the coffee and side tables are key. It’s a great tip for parents too – keep the brightly coloured plastic to one side and your conservatory won’t feel like a kids’ play area!

Serve Olive

4. Choose a scheme

In this conservatory, we’ve chosen a subtly vintage scheme. The soft pastel blinds go perfectly with the farmhouse table and rustic dining chairs. So whatever floats your boat, run with it and treat your conservatory just as you would any other room.

 Eventide Pistachio